Message from Directors:

Excessive dependence on synthetic inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides, high input demanding GM crop varieties, coupled with the pressure to produce higher yields to meet the ever growing demand are pushing our lands and ecological systems to the brink of destruction. Growers all over the world are spending more and more in crop inputs each year but achieving stagnant or declining cost benefit ratios.

Besides the economics aspect of the farming business, there are serious environmental consequences, which need to be taken into consideration for a long term survival of both; the business and the environment. To practice viable and environmental friendly farming, Bharishnu has developed a series of unique organic products and concepts which focus not only on achieving high quality production with balanced crop inputs, but also taken into consideration our responsibility to save mother earth. Bharishnu has taken up the cause to support the global farming community in combating these modern day farming challenges through research and development, consulting and offering appropriate solutions which can be adopted under any farming condition all over the world.

Our entire business philosophy and technology revolves around the concepts of earth-friendly farming and creating efficiencies. Bharishnu manufactures non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and high grade certified organic and organic based nutrients, microbial metabolites and supplements that lead to superior quality production while maintain a high cost benefit ratio for the growers to meet today's economic challenges. In reference to crop inputs, "more does not mean always better" and Bharishnu focuses strictly on inputs "required" by the crops under given growing conditions. We aim to preserve and respect the environment with utmost sincerity as it is our deepest belief that without a "Healthy Earth" there can never be harmony in our professional and personal lives.

Bharishnu is owned and managed by a group of qualified and environment conscious individuals who are not driven by mere profitability. The founders have a long association of over 30 years and have hands on experience of working under various farming systems. Our team of exerts is committed to changing the mindset by educating fellow growers around the world. As conscious human beings it is imperative upon us to act now as our time in combating the rapid environmental degradation. Even a single small act from every human being affects the entire planet and we must remember this before making choices in our day to day lives and agricultural practices.

Why us?

BHARISHNU comprising of top notch expertise in microbial biotechnology has the capability to offer value based solutions for soil health and organic farming inputs and other technical competitiveness and also in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. The company's quality control unit monitors every step in the formulation and manufacturing of each of its patented products. We are expanding our business horizons globally by offering innovative R &D services to agriculture sector such as Agriculture consultancy, Organic Farming and food grain exports and also in the field of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals.

The company has setup full scale fermentation plants to produce phosphatic and liquid biofertilizers and solid based organic inputs. Based at Bangalore (India), we follow ethical business policies to carry out our activities and are standing ahead of our competitors.

From local to export of BioInoculants, Nano technology and organic inputs (from conception to completion) we have in-depth understanding of all the related activities. In addition, we are offering consultancy services, research and development services, project advisory services, training to farmers, organic farming practices.

Our Quality Assurance Programme is a combination of system monitoring and laboratory testing to confirm our quality. Operating on the concrete foundation of the very latest microbial technology and we strive to achieve the highest position in the industry globally. Over time many renowned clients have associated with us. We have been greatly involved in making a lush green environment.

Benefits of associating with us are:

We have skilled and qualified technologists.
Offer best range of services in this market
Supply quality products (Patented)
Affordable products
Use natural resources
Eco-friendly tailor made organic inputs

The world today stands on the threshold of bio-organic inputs. India is among the nations that have pioneered the concept of alternative fuel sources and renewable sources of energy. We at BHARISHNU, see ourselves as an integral part of this new wave and aim to be at its forefront in the future.

Quality Assurance:

Our main objective is to provide good quality products and services to our clients. We have our own team of experts from the field of biotechnologist, microbiologist, agriculturist and horticulturist, who with their knowledge and experience add to the finer quality that we supply.
We carry out logical inspection right from the design, construction, planting stage of the seeds. The soil, seeds, manure is inspected and prepared, paying full attention to the environmental value of it. As the products are made to improve the environment, chemical fertilizers are not used in our processes. Liquid Biofertilizers, micro propagated plants and natural manures are produced for the benefit of environment and to save the mother earth and natural resources. Thus, our efforts ensure that every product and service offered by us is environment friendly.


We have a very experienced and dedicated team which includes biotechnologist, microbiologist, agriculturist, horticulturist, environmentalist and skilled labours, who collectively work towards improving the environment. Their relevant experience and knowledge enable us in growing better quality products.

Research and Development:

New and innovative research are being carried out in producing new innovative techniques and microbial products and patents.
To produce good quality of plants, research is being carried out on enzyme technology for composts, biodynamic formulations viz., panchagavya and other formulations for soil enrichment and on micro propagation of plants and Nanobes. The team is managed and led by professionals with post graduate and doctoral degrees in soil science and plant nutrition who develop products based on customer and market needs.

Service Portfolio:

A wide exposure and deep understanding of the industry gives us insight into the needs of the changing market. To safe guard the human health, global warming and ecological balance, we offer different microbial formulations in the form of liquid. Organic farming services to motivate the farmers adopt modern organic farming methods to use liquid biofertilizers, biofungicides, biocontrol methods and modern crop production practices to ensure chemical residue free produces. With the modernization of agricultural practices, there is a need to augment support and extension services for agriculture and our range of services such as Agriculture Consultancy, Farm Development and Horticulture for crop yield.
We offer good quality products of both solid and liquid bioformulations, tailor made organic products. We have taken up projects for export to different countries, corporate houses, supplements for field crops, fruits, vegetables, nurseries, commercial green houses, golf courses, garden clubs, certified organic farms, municipal landscaping projects, home gardens, terrace garden, government establishments, individuals and resorts.
We have been serving the agricultural sector with a range of Organic Farming which includes cultivating organic products and certification.

Some salient features of these services are:

Timely executed
Well managed
Effectively planned
Proper utilization of the resources
Compliance with International standards of quality

Our Work Processes:

When preparing our products, we follow different processes. Some of them are:

Carrying out the inspection of soil, plant seeds and planting material.
Our team of agriculturists pays attention to every step involved in preparation of liquid bio-inoculants and other organic inputs for better growth and yield.
Modern agriculture techniques/systems are used in our R&D, specialy liquid phosphetic fertilizers(Bio)
Drip irrigation method is recommended in order to save water and labour and assist in fast and easy growth of plants.

Product Portfolio:

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of agro products that are widely used in various industrial and commercial applications. These stand high on the parameters of quality and have been widely accredited all across the globe.
We are an active environment friendly firm engaged in manufacturing a wide range of liquid biofertilizers and organic farming tailor made products.
Further, these agro products are customized as per the specifications of our clients in terms of packing and constituents.

All our agro products are known to possess following features

Anti bacterial

Anti fungal

Product Range:

Bharishnu Agro Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturer of biocontrol agents, biofertilizers, biopesticides and tailor made organic inputs medicinal and aromatic plant based products has elevated the standard of excellence with its quality products. For long we have been engaged in providing our clients with environmental solutions. To satisfy our customers we have our useful R&D products, which includes:

Agriculture & Horticulture


Bio fungicides


Bio Pesticides

Tailor made formulations

Biocontrol agents

In vitro Technology

Tissue culture

Farm development services

Micropropagated plants

Eco friendly plant health care

Solid Waste Technology


Microbial Enrichment Technology

Bio Composting

Vermicompost inoculants Technology

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Probiotics in Pediatrics



Nano Fibres

Microbial Enzyme Technology


Food & Drinks

Fuel & Chemicals

Field Crops

Yield is 1.3-1.5 times better than the normal time.








Plantation Crops

Coffee Plantation

Tea Plantation

Palm Tree Plantation