We have expertise in below mentioned fields and technologies and we are happy to extend our services with end to end solutions.

Main Branches of Bharishnu Agro Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.

Agriculture & Horticulture
Solid Waste Technology
Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
Microbial Enzyme Technology
In vitro Technology
Food & Drinks
Fuel & Chemicals

Agriculture & Horticulture


Bio-Complex Fertilizers (Solid and Liquid)

Bio-Multinutrient Fertilizers(Compound Fertilizers)


Phosphate Rich Liquid Formulation of Organic Fertilizers

Solid Organic Manure with Neem Based(Bio)

Includes Biologicals
Bio-Muitinutriens Fertilizers (Compound Fertilizers)

Bio Stimulants

Major and Micronutrients blended with plant growth promoters(Bio)

Nano Fertilizers


Ornamental Flowery Plants

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
Fruit Trees
Green Houses

Turf & Lawns

Terrace Gardening

Solid Waste Technology (Waste to Wealth)

Bio Composting

Vermi Technology

Microbial Enrichment Technology

Neem Based Organic Manures

Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

Microbial Metabolites (Therapeutically Potent Drug)

Cell culture

Tissue culture

Tissue culture of Medicinal and aromatic plants (Endangered species for pharmaceuticals preparation )
Tissue culture of agricultural and horticultural plants.


Organic cosmetics
Natural hair rejuvenator
Natural Organic Colours
Organic Capsules

Vitamins, Probiotics

Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B9

In vitro Technology

In vitro Fertilization and Human Embryo culture

Food & Drinks

Flavour enhancer etc.

Fuel & Chemicals